At last - in mid-October - a period of favourable weather for drift migrants from the other side of the North Sea................



Great Grey Shrike at 'Slap'.... 


............and a very late Redstart at Leaquoy:







The first rare migrant of the Autumn to be photographed -

a Common Rosefinch near Holin Cottage in early September:




..followed by a Barred Warbler eating a large caterpillar right outside the kitchen window at Castle for over 20 minutes on 12th September:






Mid-summer on the Stronsay Pier in Whitehall Village.






Spring 2018.  Late May and a great find in the Castle garden on 27th - a female Red-breasted Flycatcher...........











And on 31st May..........

a Common Rosefinch in the yard at Coweshouse Farm.




A long Winter with few unusual species until Mid-May -   A Red Backed Shrike along the Airy Road and a Hawfinch in the Castle garden on and off for several days.










Early May - two Siskins outside the kitchen window.












Best bird of the year - a Northern Flicker seen briefly at very close range in the Reserve Drive on 2nd December (see sketch below)



The main features we noted were the black and brown barred mantle;

The shortish (longer than Woodcock)dark rounded tail, and the gleeming white large rump patch - almost like an open furnace door! No head details were noted other than that the bill was not 'long' - ruling out Snipe/Woodcock etc.

Suddenly rising up out of the grass and displaying the features that it did it 'should' have been a 'wader' - but it clearly wasn't!  Woodpeckers hardly come to mind in Orkney - especially in early December!







Plenty of Goldcrest last Autumn:








 A great discovery in late July 2017

at the Bu Loch - the island's first record of

Least Sandpiper, a transatlantic vagrant to the UK!





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